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Ridgeline Topology is not updating...

  • 14 December 2016
  • 1 reply

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We are using Ridgeline 3.1 SP3 NMS for our Network Management. Please check the following image for existing topology.

Few days back, one of the EAPS link fiber was disconnected. But, Now We have established in the connection after splicing the fiber cable. So, after fiber splicing the EAPS link between activated in the switch but it is not updated in the topology map. Please check the below image.

Let us know, is there any steps to update the topology map. If any steps are available please share. Thanks in advance.

1 reply

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Doing this from memory as 3.1 is very old... If I recall you right mouse the map and there is an update links for switch or complete map.. this will refresh the links and should re-draw the maps. You may also have to re-sync the two switches to get the link to show back up...That version of Ridgeline was bad about not re-syncing after changes