ridgeline uplink ports group with alerts

  • 28 May 2015
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I have many computers on my network and every day I see that there are many up and down ports logs information because users connect and disconnect the computers when they start or end their daily activities of course... But I would like to see only the status of link up and down my uplinks between equipment, I tried to create a group of ports and raised an alarm as shown in the pictures, but I could not associate the alarm to a group of uplinks ports (MLAG), how can I fix?


2 replies

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CR rgl0021604 is currently open to address this issue. More information can be found on the following GTAC Knowledge article:


Once fixed, this will address the Port Group not being accessible in the drop down menu of the Alarm Definition.
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This is a simple task in NetSight, have you been able to upgrade yet?