Summit 24p SNMP OID for extremeEdpNeighborId vanished please help

OID for extremeEdpNeighborId has vanished from the ExtremeEdpEntry table

out put from snmpwalk..

snmpwalk -v2c -c public
EXTREME-EDP-MIB::extremeEdpNeighborId = No Such Object available on this agent at this OID

I have checked on multiple switches that have been on line for varying numbers of days and are on totally different firmwares but they all behave this way so I am ruling out firmware and needing a reboot unless the vanishing happens moreless on or shortly after its booting up

any further advise would be very much appreciated

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Hi Jon,

Which application is being used to perform these SNMP walks?

Was there previously a response for this OID when polled in the same way previously?

Were there any changes to the SNMP App configuration or the Switch configuration?
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Hi, Jon!

First of all you have to look at ConceptGuide - is there ExtremeEdpEntry.
In EXOS_ConceptGuide for 15.4 there is only extremeEdpTable, extremeEdpNeighborTable and extremeEdpPortTable.
In MIB file there is a lot MIBs from ExtremeWare, so they didn't work in EXOS.

Thank you!