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Sync Device Not Working

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Create Date: May 30 2013 3:06PM


I'm trying to sync two switches that I've added to Ridgeline. Version is 3.1 SP3.

The switches are both x670v-48x's running code version patch1-4.

When running "Update device" both switches get to the "reading port data" process and then fail with the message "Sync Device Error for "Switch name""

I don't get this issue with other models of switches. I've looked through the Ridgeline release notes and nowhere does it say anything about sync issues with this particular model of switch.

I'm now at a loss. Really need to be able to manage these switches correctly. Rebooting the switch or server does nothing.

Ian (from Ian_Broadway)

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Create Date: Jul 2 2013 4:49PM

not sure if you ever got this resolved but sometimes it will go ahead and sync if you force it to use snmpv3... if that does not work then look at the config of the switch you are trying to sync by doing a show config snmp ..... if there seems to be alot of extra entries created by ridgeline you may need to manually remove them... good luck

(from robert_jacobs)