DataCenter Interconnect Solutions for XOS?

  • 24 July 2015
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I’ve been looking at this webinar from Extreme on datacenter architectures:

I was wondering what pieces are available in XOS switches as opposed to the EOS switches that are highlighted in the presentation. In particular, the Enterasys Host Routing in OSPF, VRRP tricks, etc.

3 replies

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EOS is almost fully linux kernel so you have to be more specifik in terms to what to compare. You can do all sort of specific trix that are not standarised with any OS. // Andreas
I was interested in the two features the highlight, namely:

All VRRP speakers (not just the Master) act as active forwarders. This helps in efficient forwarding from the host to the network fabric.
Routers advertising an OSFP host route (/32) to the backbone based on active flows detected from hosts. This helps efficient forwarding from the network fabric to the host
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EXOS can emulate, today, VRRP Fabric Routing through the use of ACLs.