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How to configure LLDP for Avaya phones on an EOS switch (D2, B5, C5, 7100, K-Series, and S-series)

  • 12 February 2016
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Here is the LLDP configuration for EOS switches and Avaya Phones

VLAN Config

set vlan create
set vlan name Voice
set vlan egress tagged

LLDP Config

set lldp tx-interval 5
set lldp med-fast 5
set lldp port med-trap enable
set lldp port tx-tlv vlan-id med-cap med-pol
set lldp port network-policy voice state enable tag tagged vid cos 7 dscp 46

set ciscodp status enable
set ciscodp port vvid

set cos state enable

set policy profile name "Voice" pvid-status enable pvid 1 cos-status enable cos 7 egress-vlans
set policy port

Hope this helps!

2 replies

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Never a problem!!! 🙂
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More good content! Thanks Joseph!