Many DHCP scopes on one VLAN segment - it that possible ?

  • 16 February 2018
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Hello Community !

I am wandering, if the following setup is possible to work:
1. We have a set (let's say 5) of typical /24 subnets.
2. There are separate DHCP pools defined for each subnet on single MS DHCP server.
3. We have a router configured for DHCP relaying for each subnet and separate, untagged interface for each vlan.

The goal is to have one 'big' network segment with single VLAN ID, having clients in this VLAN addressed with different scopes.

At first it seems that such network config is asking for trouble, but I've heard people saying that it worked for them.

The main problem is that subnet re-design is not an option.
The switching is pure EXOS, vlans routing is done using Juniper SRX.

Did you have any similar experiences ? Or do you have any ideas how to to it ?

Thanks in advance for any feedback...


4 replies

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MS DHCP server knows mac-addresses of all devices that are connected?
What if a new device will be connected? From which scope will he get an IP?
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I guess MS DHCP should know all MACs.
I don't know - there is one DHCP server and many scopes.
Maybe there is a way to direct specific DCHP pool traffic (or many pools) to one router interface ?
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Maybe you're looking for "super scopes" on MS DHCP?
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Maybe you're looking for "super scopes" on MS DHCP?Sure, looks like it is about "super scopes" - thank you, mp2014 !