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More ERPS rings using a common link - are they damaging each other ?

It seems that control VLAN of second ring is damaged by blocking port of the first...is there a way like shared link or shall I configure RPL on link that doesn't damage other ring ?

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Hi Matthew,

The way to do this is to configure one of the rings as the main ring, and the other rings as sub-rings.

You can see an example of this in the GTAC Knowledge article linked below:

How to configure a ERPS ring with a sub ring attached


Actually network is more complicated I have to configure 4 erps rings in 8 switches connected as from picture...what do you suggest for that ?
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Hi Matthew, sorry for the delay in getting back. I must have overlooked your response.

At a quick glance, I don't believe that this would be possible with ERPS, unless you broke the LAGs down and had one physical port per ring. Of course, this wouldn't work if some VLANs spanned multiple rings. This should be possible with EAPS in the current topology, and if all the switches in the topology run EXOS I would suggest EAPS over ERPS.

If you still require assistance with this, I'd suggest opening a case with GTAC so we can take a deeper look into the configs and this topology.

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I think it would be possible to do what you want using ERPS but using 1 main ring and 4 sub-rings.

Here's your diagram with a different layout just to make the main ring/sub-rings easier to see:

I've tried to maintain the colors in your original diagram. You will notice that the red ring is now two separate sub-rings. I've marked the blocked ports with a line of the same color of the ring/sub-ring.

The problem with this setup is that because sub-rings 3 & 4 consist, each one, of a single link, that link would be open in normal sub-ring operation. That means that, for example, the connection of AROAM-0 with OAM-0 would traverse SIG-0 and GEN-0 instead of using the direct link.

Now, there are other possible ways of drawing your architecture that would divide the green, blue or yellow ring in two different subrings, instead of dividing the red one. You should select the ring structure that passes the least amount of traffic between the nodes of the single link sub-rings...