multi ring eaps gateway

  • 3 August 2015
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Hi, need to ask about EAPS . Can two EAPS ring used the single Gateway. If can, how to configure it? use active-active VRRP or other topology? Example: Eaps ring A default gateway Eaps ring B default gateway Can we use Virtual IP as gateway. Thank you for help

1 reply

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This is definitely possible. As EAPS is protecting only the L2 topology, a redundant gateway will work. The questions that needs to be asked is whether Active-Active VRRP would work as well as what would the fail/recovery behavior be?

This can be easily tested, even in a production environment, as long as you are careful to isolate to just one test VLAN with one or two hosts and are prepared to recover from a potential loop in that VLAN.

There is no special configuration for the combination of EAPS and VRRP, it is all covered in the User Guide.