Network Design Selection for a pair of BD8810 & SUMMIT X460 stack.

I have a pair of BD8810 as CORE and Several stacks of SUMMIT X460 at floors of a multi-story building.

From each floor Stack two fiber uplinks are going to CORE Switches.

Please guide me which Protocol Should I use?


Application VoIP, Wifi controller & Data.

Please suggest me the Design for network.

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Mlag for this setup. Great utilisation and you could dual Connecticut APs and clients IF needed.
OK.. Thanks . What about L3/Gateway redundancy? What should I use VRRP or ESRP?

Is there any application note for such setup?
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I'd go for VRRP, and eventually in Active/Active. Protect the edge with ELRP, use LACP between the Core and the stacks. Eventually add ELRP as well on the Core, using 16.1 new capabilities, to help prevent further loop creation even on the Core. You may want to add alternate path protection with MLAG.
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GTAC usually don't make recommendations with regards to design or implementation part. However with the kind of setup you have and looking at other customers with similar network, my recommendation is to have MLAG with VRRP.
Configured VRRP in CORE BDs and MLAG. Configured LACP between CORE and Access Stack.

But some VLANs are blocked at CORE.. PFA Topology. Please guide..

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Hi Jitendra,

Can you please eloborate more on some VLANs are blocked at core? We need to make sure that all the VLANs are allowed in the ISC link (interconnecting CORE A and CORE 😎.
Keep us updated.
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I've had this topology for some time and I'm read to secure east west traffic. I'm assuming I'll need to build a distribution layer. I'm having trouble finding network diagram examples. Please pass them along.

Thank you