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Ports connected to single MLAG id?

  • 16 August 2018
  • 3 replies

We have Core switches(X-670) that connected to X440(48 ports) stacks of 4 switches. Is this supported "48 ports * 4 switches =192 ports" connected to single MLAG id?

3 replies

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connecting a stack to a single MLAG id is not a problem.
You may see problems with the capacity and you can solve that through increase the bandwidth of the total LAG by adding "normal" LAGs between the Core switches and the stack.

See the example in the documantation:

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I'd also connect the MLAG to different slots in the stack for resilience.
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Only other comment/suggestion is to experiment with different LACP LAG's between the stack and the MLAG core. We've found that L3_L4 seems to provide a bit better distribution and balances the links better in most of our cases (typical traffic, mix of voice/data).