SPINE-LEAF topologies and x670-G2 switches

  • 2 June 2017
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Can a Fabric with a SPINE-LEAF topology be built with Extreme Networks Summit x670-G2 switches? Is there any associated Beta functionality?

4 replies

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I think you may be interested in the new ExtremeFabric functionality in EXOS 22.2. Take a look at the ExtremeFabric Release Notes, as well as the GNS3 Project that we have developed as an example.
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In short the answer is yes, depending on a few things to clarify: - What type of fabric to you want to build? L2 or L3? - If L3, what design do you look for (not the topology, but rather the L3 protocol specifics) - The term fabric may suggest some kind of automation, what do you expect?

Rather than suggesting some functionality. I try to identify the possibility of designing a Fabric with a SPINE-LEAF topology with Extreme Networks Summit x670-G2 switches and the associated current functionalities. Or alternatively have a perspective, as they would be developing or incorporating the mentioned in the near future (such as: Roadmap / Beta). I appreciate the answers you can give me.