Stacking between x670-G2-48x-4q and x480-48t

Which type of Connector + Cable type is needed to create an Alternate Stack between x670-G2-48x-4q and x480-48t?

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Do you have VIM module installed in the back of your X480? Take a look at the Summary of Conditions for Alternate Stacking Ports for a better understanding of what is required for an alternate stack (aka SummitStackV).

Here's a matrix of what models and methods work together:

As far as cabling, the QSFP+ direct-attach passive copper or the QSFP+ direct-attach active optical cables will be required, unless using SummitStackV, which will use a normal 10G fiber connection. Native stacking with a VIM3-40G4x on the X480 would be preferred so that you can benefit from higher speeds and less risk of a bottleneck.


As far as Native is concerned, my understanding is that x480 does not support that? Instead VIM3-40G4x is the Alternate Stacking/ also called SummitStack-V (that's what is mentioned in EXOS HW document, named Summit Family Hardware Installation Guide Table 105: Alternate Stacking Ports Page 215).

I am looking for SummitStack-V with VIM2-10G4X to stack x480-48t and x670-G2-48x-4q over 10Gbps.

Now x480 VIM2-10G4x has XFP ports whereas Summit X670-G2-48x-4q Alternate Stacking port uses 47 and 48 SFP+.

That means to use a 10Gbps Stack, we have to use XFP on x480, SFP+ on x670 and a normal MMF/LC-LC to connect the 2 Switches?


To add, x480 has this note so only VIM2-10G4x can be used on x480.

NOTE: The Summit X480-48t or X480-48x switch must have an installed VIM2-10G4X to configure alternate stacking ports. Alternate stacking ports are not supported with the VIM3-40G4X.

Below documentation says this:

  • Summit X480-48t and X480-48x switches do not have 10-Gbps ports on the base model switch. To use the SummitStack-V feature on these switches, you must install either a VIM2-10G4X module (ports S3 (51) and S4 (52) can then be configured as alternate stacking ports). Alternate stacking ports are not supported with the VIM3-40G4X.

I am confused, can we use VIM3 or only VIM2 can be used for Stacking on a x480-48t?