Two separate EAPS Domain Rings with one switch connected to both Rings.

  • 7 June 2017
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Apologize for bad snapshot had less time.

I have to shift my network from STP to EAPS.

First i am creating two separate EAPS domains for each ring in my network.

Second i want to make my "SWITCHX" also redundant wich is connected to one switch in each ring, for that i have created two Common link shared ports on that switch (Port 10 and 20). SWITCHX is in partner mode in both shared ports for common link.

Switch Ring1-B is in controller mode for its port 20 connected to SWITCHX port 20 for common link with link-id 111
Switch Ring2-B is in controller mode for its port 10 connected to SWITCHX port 10 for common link with link-id 222

Result is loop.

Please help.

4 replies

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the green ring needs to be completed via the head office core switch. That results in two shared links (Ring1-B and Head Office Switch; Ring2-B and Head Office Core Switch).

Thank U Erik for contributing...

the issue is i cannot get my SwitchX directly to head office because of the is very far away.....

at the moment with the STP the scenario is that my Headoffice switch is serving as root bridge.

ring1-b and ring2-b switches are serving the switchX with STP fail-over. i have manually adjusted port cost and priority on both ports of switchX to get the desired result.

i am just trying to shift from STP to EAPS for the efficient recovery time.
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in general, you must not have an incomplete EAPS ring, unless there is a failure.

The EAPS ring (domain) needs to be completed logically so that one of the ports can be blocked. Thus you need a new Ring3 between SwitchX, Ring1-B, Head Office Core, and Ring2-B.

While STP allows arbitrary topologies, EAPS supports ring topologies only.


I think a picture might help as well. See below. You basically define your third EAPS ring along the span Ring1B to Head Office and HeadOffice to Ring2B. As those are used by Ring1 and Ring2 as well, you will need to define these as shared ports. Hope this helps.