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VDX 6740 and Brocade MCT

  • 23 April 2018
  • 3 replies

Can a Brocade ICX-7750 switch and a VDX-6740 be in a Brocade MCT (Multi Chasis Trunk) cluster together? In other words does the VDX switch series support the Brocate MCT achitecture?
Thanks in advance.

3 replies


this are two different plattforms and can't work MCT.
The VDX uses Logical chassis Mode .
Extreme VCS Logical Chassis allows organizations to manage an entire VCS fabric as a
single switch, enhancing the overall availability and reliability of the network. This single
point of management eliminates the need to manually configure and manage each
switch, simplifying management, lowering operational costs, and reducing configuration
errors. In addition, it enables organizations to push software upgrades across the fabric
with a single command, accelerating deployment. VCS Logical Chassis also provides a
single view of the fabric, allowing centralized monitoring and troubleshooting that
minimizes time to repair network issues ....

Hope that helps


Thanks for the reply Michael!

So I guess that the VDX switch can only be an MCT client if it's in an MCT environement.

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yes as 6740 supports LACP.
if you have already a MCT cluster pair you can not add a third device to this cluster. You can build an addidinal cluster pair only.
You can build a VCS fabric with VDX and connect via LAG to the MCT envirement.