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VPLS between X670/X460-G2 not working with Huawei S5720

  • 8 April 2019
  • 2 replies


I wonder if someone can help me in an interoperability issue between Huawei and Extreme switches.

I've created two MPLS domains, one domain with two X670-G2 and one X460-G2; and other domains with three Huawei S5720. The picture below shows the topology configured.
PE11 and PE12 are X670-G2 and PE13 is X460-G2.

I've configured MPLS, LDP, OSPF and the L3VPN seems to work fine. But, when I tried to configure VPLS, I can't make the tunnel up among all nodes.

The VPLS was configured in all equipiments, but the VPLS is established only inside the domain and from switches located on the border of domain

- Looking from PE11 on Extreme domain, the VPLS is up only for the neighboors PE12 and PE13.
- Looking from PE12, besides PE11 and PE13, the tunnel becomes up to PE1 of Huawei domain.
- The tunnel is down from PE11 to all Huawei domain.
- The same happens from Huawei domain. Looking from PE2, the VPLS becomes up for its neighboors PE1 and PE3, but not for any equipment from Extreme domain.
- From PE1, the VPLS is up for all Huawei domain and for PE12 of Extreme domain.
- The VPLS is not established between PE2 and PE11 edges.

2 replies


Do you have an active service on the VPLS in the Extreme box? -if not, then the VPLS will not become active before you add a service VLAN. You can also put the service VLAN in loopback-mode which should activate the VPLS (enable loopback-mode vlan X)

Hi Mikael,

I've enabled loopback mode on a vlan service in all Extreme nodes.