Configure extreme switch x440-24p-10G

  • 20 January 2016
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Hi guys, I need some help.

We bought a Extreme Summit X440-24p-10G switch and the idea is to create a vlan and to connect with existing LAN using cisco. I have no experience with XOS and I don ́t know how to set up. where can i get the configuration step or command?

I hope you guys can help me on this., I really appreciate it..

3 replies

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Welcome to the Hub and EXOS. I attached a link to a article that should help you with this. I will also give you a example of creating a vlan and adding a port to it.

Configure default del port all # this command will remove all ports from the default vlan.
Create vlan test1 tag 200 # creates vlan with a 802.1q tag of 200
conf vlan test1 add port tagged/untagged

thanx for the link guys.. i'm look at it now... really appreciated