ESRP and failover scenarios

  • 2 March 2016
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Also, when this happen on the server level one of the servers that is running SQL it show this error "Cluster IP address resource 'SQL IP Address (SMTMSSQL) cannot be brought online because a duplicate IP address 'ipofheserver' was detected on the network. Please ensure ll IP addresses are unique.

On the Cores, there was no ESRP aware flush warning message, only the link down, but on the switch with the issue it did show the esrp warning, I'm not sure if it was so fast that's why... but you know if we need to do some special configuration for servers?

All of my VLAN's are in one failover domain, will it help if share info from my core configuration? Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: Loop prevention on LAN.

2 replies

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I would suggest to open up a GTAC case for this issue with the below details.

(Both the ESRP switches)
"show tech"
"show log messages nvram"

Topology Diagram on how the SQL cluster's are connected to the ESRP switches...
I believe this issue happens only during the fail over scenario and comes back to normal operations..

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Hi Karina,

When opening the case with GTAC, you may want to also include the following information, specific to ESRP:

- Show esrp
- Does the problem occur for all ESRP domains or just specific ones?