Extreme Switch x650 get stuck after show config command

  • 11 November 2016
  • 6 replies

Hello All,

After I issued : show configuration command, the switch does not dispay anything, I press enter many times and just the promt go down , but nothing happens.

Should I reload the switch?

This switch is in a stack 😞 is no the master.

Thanks a lot!!

6 replies

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If you're in SSH, this may be a reported bug in an older version of code that I've run into. If you reboot the switch, but might come back again. Newer firmware seemed to address it. Has something to do with a change in the 3rd party SSH module they were using. Not 100%, but give it a shot.
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Any luck Pao?

thanks for your response, I was in telnet 🙂 . today in the morning I tried again and switch was working fine .. I don't know what exactly happened.

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Hello Pao,

Nice to know this is working now. Coming to the possible reason why it got stuck while you ran the command show config could be because of the following reason:

show config - while copying and pasting to or from a different machine will not work - because of the ordering objects sometimes.

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I had this happen to me a few times on EXOS where I could login to the switch, but when I would do a 'show config' it would lock up. I ended up restarting the exsshd process and everything would work fine. I haven't had this issue with
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Yes because the Exsshd process mostly responsible for when the SSH is not terminated and more sessions are established. As a result of this will consume more CPU and keep the system busy in the background. So this must be another reason for any cli command executed could have stuck in there for a while. Sometimes terminating these Exsshd process kill those activity and free up them from the buffer.