GNS3 EXOS port assignment

  • 28 March 2016
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Hi all,

I'm having a really wierd situation on GNS3. I have 2 EXOS switches on the project, the problem is that interfaces aren't static. If i connect both switches using interface1, it seem to be interface5 if you see the show ports command on the cli.

Is there any config file where I can define port or something? Have you got any idea why is this happening?

FYI: EXOS version 16.1.3
GNS3 version up to date


5 replies

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Not sure what is the platform, but 40G port can be partitioned to 4x10G ports => on x770 you have ports 1 and 5... Port 1 can be splitted to ports 1-4. Port 5 can be splitted to 5-8. Can this answer your question
I'm actually using Virtual_EXOS, I am supposed to have 8 ports if I assing it on GNS3, am I right?
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On VMware I do not see any issue. The first NIC is out of band management and the rest is the "front panel switching ports". Not sure what is the limit. Sorry can not help here.
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I think 8 ports is the limit.
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You can have up to 8 ports. I have this in my GNS3 + VirtualBox configuration.

Regarding the port configuration, you can config the numbers, names, MACs etc through CLI instead of GUI.

However, the commands will depend on which OS you are using.