How to dual uplink a single x440 G2 to two x670s G2's in MLAG with ISC Link

  • 10 April 2017
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Fairly new to Extreme and coming over from Cisco so I'm hoping I have the terminologies correct. I have one x440 G2 that I want to uplink two ports from, to a pair of x670's in a MLAG with ISC Link between them. The 670's are already in production. I guess the end goal is to have both ports on the 440 active so in the event one of the 670's fails, we'll won't have downtime on the 440.

How exactly would I configure each side? Do I just need a LACP sharing group on the 440 or VRRP on the 670s, etc? I'm also trying not to put a loop in the network accidentally.

The 440 G2 is running: ExtremeXOS version
The 670 G2's are running: ExtremeXOS version v1563b1-patch1-9

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

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Say port 2 will be the uplink on each
First switch
enable mlag port 2 peer "R4-SW2" id 2
Second switch
enable mlag port 2 peer "R4-SW1" id 2

First and second mlag switch
enable sharing 2 grouping 2 algorithm address-based L2 lacp

Enable sharing on the 2 ports on the 440s.

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Thanks Jeremy. I ran the MLAG commands on each 670, then tried the enable sharing command on them and got this back:

Error: Sharing configuration on MLAG ports 42 cannot be modified.Use "disable mlag port" to remove port from MLAG first
Should have I reversed the order of the commands?

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Yes, you have to create the lag before enabling MLAG.
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Thank you, both. I believe I have it working now. I've been testing by unplugging and re-plugging the uplinks of the sharing ports on the 440 switch. It seems like when I unplug the Master port of the Sharing group, I drop 1 ping. However, when I plug the master back in, then unplug the other sharing port member, I do not lose a ping. Does that all sound normal? If so, is it due to the sharing group master changing to the other port?

A ping lost with LACP is normal. I usually test with IPERF.