How to test 10g circuit?

  • 5 September 2016
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We have an x480 with a 10g connection to our provider. Optics are 10g multi-mode to our providers equipment. What would be methods of testing this circuit? My laptop only has a gig nic. There are no rx, tx, collisions or congestions on the port on the x480 that our provider connects to. Optic level when you do show port transceiver info look within the normal range. Complaints of slow internet browsing. Provider shows hardly any utilization for us and no errors. Pings and trace routes and dns all look good. How can you test a 10 gig Internet circuit? Does some hardware exist or are there any sites I could test that would accommodate 10gig testing? Thank you

5 replies

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If you have a dark fiber to any remote site - use the EXOS ESVT xmod for some highspeed tests.

If you have public internet connect than try to start several downloads of some linux images for example. Or you can start a speedtest like cacheflow (


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You can try disable jumbo frame if u have enable. It.
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Hello, Sarah!

"Does some hardware exist or are there any sites I could test that would accommodate 10gig testing?"
You can use some traffic generators, like IXIA, or Spirent, or other testing hardware to fully load 10gig interface.

Thank you!
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Is the X480 hardware forwarding ? Check top during a download, it should not show high utilization for CPU, if it does, open a case to have that investigated.
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JDSU ... EXFO .... we use JDSU and do RFC-2544 test on all carrier services. We have a 5808 with two ten gig interfaces... If you dont have a pair of them then far side has to be set in a loop or a reflector and the JDSU will run a pre-set set and can do this at line rate all packet sizes 63 to jumbo. It will give you round trip latency and jitter .... You will not find anything out in the public world where you could push over a gig of traffic. New these JDSU test set runs about 18 K US. They have been out a while so you may be able to get a refurbished unit or may even be able to lease one...