S4 series chassis SLOT 2 COM LED not glowing

  • 14 July 2016
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We have S4 Series Chassis loaded with
S4 Chassis I/O Fabric Module: 48 ports 1000BASE-X at Slot 2..
When we try to communicate with chassis through hyper terminal, there is no response.
We notified that LED on the chasis for slot 2 is not blinging..

Status of CPU & MGMT are glowing for slot2..

What is the LED status available on the top of the chassis

4 replies

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Hi, Thanks for your quick reply.

We understand from the link provided is that “ The green-lit status LED under a chassis-based USB port indicates the presence of an operational mapped slot module,”

In our case we have installed fabric module at slot 2 and its CPU and MGMT LED are glowing.

It means that it is operational but LED at the top of chassis for slot 2 is not glowing. Do we need to do any configuration / settings on the chassis.

I have attached the photo of the chassis for quick reference

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This LED is acting up - no configuration is normally necessary to make it go.
May be something as simple as a loose light pipe - but I'd expect this led to be lit in your picture.
A call to support is probably in order.


The problem is not only LED is liting up.. It is not responding (hyper terminal scereen) when we tried connected it through COM port