Small Business Replacement for c4500

  • 29 September 2017
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I am rather new to Extreme switching products and I am seeking some advice on what would be a good replacement choice for and old Cisco 4500 switch. The needs are:

  • 100 to 150 users
  • 80 Gigabit PoE ports for APs and VoIP phones
  • 48 Gigabit Ports for connecting Servers
Would series 220 be a viable choice? How about X440?

Thank you in advance.

5 replies

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Both would be good choices - the 440 48 port PoE model an provide up 15 watts on all 48 ports (or 30 W on 24 ports), and through an external power supply you can provide additional power for up to 48 ports of 30W. The 440 runs the EXOS network operating system and can stack up to 8 units.

The 220 has 370W of PoE power, providing up to 24 ports of 15W (or 12 ports of 30W) on the 48 port model - while it supports a redudant power supply you cannot provide additive PoE power to these products. The 220 stacks up to 4 units, for a maximum of 192 ports in a stack. They run the FASTPATH network operating system, which has a different CLI interface from EXOS - still very feature capable.

I should not that in both cases the PoE power is "dynamic" - in that if a device only requires 7W then that additional power is available to other devices connected to the switch - so you are not specifically bound to 24 or 12 port or such - just using that as a statement of maximums.
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Hi Michael,

Thank you for your detailed answer.

What are the options for 10GB Ethernet?

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10GB uplinks or 10GB switches? The 220 and 440 both have 10GB uplinks (in various numbers). If you are looking for a 10GB front-panel port switch, then take a look at our 620, 670 or 690 products.

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I was talking about 10GB switches so yes 620,670,690 is what I was looking for.

Thank you.

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I was talking about 10GB switches so yes 620,670,690 is what I was looking for.

Thank you.

You could also look at the 440 G2 line if your hand off to clients is one gig POE. That line has 10 gig uplinks. It all really depends on how you plan on laying things out.. What will you doing on the layer 3 side comes to play along with redundancy options.