XMC Automated Device Discovery

  • 6 November 2019
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I am looking for an automated way to add devices to XMC, add them to a site and also perform some post discovery actions.

I was playing with the Connect Services API and found the following REST API call:



This works fine as far as the device is added to XMC and also it is assigned to the site. 

But XMC does not perform all the post dicovery actions like “enable stats collection” or “assign to map”. Also the snmp profile which is defined inside the site is not assigned to the device.

Is there any way to automate the metioned tasks within XMC?


3 replies

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Hi Thomas,

Good question and I honestly do not have an answer, but an idea: Maybe you could start a workflow after creating the device that triggers all the required actions. While I have not played around with the Connect API, this seems to be possible with the GraphQL API (see https://xmc.domain.tld:8443/nbi/graphiql/index.html for documentation).

Sorry that I cannot provide more input!


Hi Robert!

Thanks for the reply. I have also tried the GraphQL API but it’s the same issue there.

So I went through a GTAC case and they have opened a feature request on this topic.




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Alright. If you do not mind, please post an update once your feature request has been approved and implemented.