begginer with access-list... unable to disable/remove

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I want try some ACL and get stucked.
We have summit x350 (ver.
based on I create policy "block_any_ipv6.pol"

******* start of block_any_ipv6.pol ************
entry block_any_v6 {
if {
source-address 0:: / 0;
then {
******* end of block_any_ipv6.pol ************

configure access-list block_any_ipv6 port 21[/code]then my connection was lost.
port 21 is tagged port for ~7vlans

switch1.12 # show access-list
Vlan Name Port Policy Name Dir Rules Dyn Rules
=================================================================== * 21 block_any_ipv6 ingress 1 0 [/code] * switch1.13 # configure access-list delete block_any_ipv6 ^ %% Invalid input detected at '^' marker. [/code]
Why I can't delete access-list on port 21?
What I don't understand?
How I can manage this in correct way and get port 21 "back in time" before this CLI
'configure access-list block_any_ipv6 port 21' [/code]

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The correct way to delete a ACL is:
'unconfigure access-list block_any_ipv6' [/code]
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and with correct command 'unconfigure' I found correct topic