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I have questions about MPLS feature on BD8800 series, I need to use MPLS and could I use Optional 2-port 10G SFP+ (S-10G2Xc) on MSM-128. And could I use 8800 C-SERIES MODULES for MPLS feature? or I have to use all of 8900-SERIES MODULES only?

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I found the answer in ExtremeXOS Feature License Requirements document.
"To run MPLS with BlackDiamond 8900 xl-series modules, a BlackDiamond 8800 series switch requires ExtremeXOS Release 12.5 or later, BlackDiamond 8900-MSM128, and BlackDiamond 8900 xl-series modules. No other modules are supported when MPLS runs on a BlackDiamond 8800 series switch with ExtremeXOS 12.5."
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That is correct. In order to use the MPLS feature pack on the BlackDiamond 8000 series you must use either 8900-xl or 8900-xm modules. The 8900-MSM128 is also required for MPLS.

The minimum EXOS software version for MPLS with xl modules is 12.5 and minimum for xm series is 12.6.

MPLS Feature Pack Platform Support
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