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Does ARP Inspection & DHCP Snooping affect POE Devices

In Enterasys B5 switch, we have arp inspection and dhcp snooping protocols on. We got IP telephone with Poe. Sometimes these IP telephones can not register to PBX server. These ports are not in trust mode. Can this affect IP telephones?

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First thing Happy New Year to all

The things to check:
Is the PBX
a. Static IP then if yes then it should be a trusted port
b. Do the phones show up with a binding (MAC and IP ) list

Are the phones going through WIFI
a. If the AP port is set to Arp Inspection and DHCP snooping then all it takes is for a statically assigned address traffic come across the wifi to the port on a switch and the port will be disabled for a moment

I suggest opening a ticket with the GTAC so we can assist you and resolve your issue. as there are more questions that I would ask, I will be glad to assist so mention to the Tech to please include Jason Parker as a copy to in the case.-

Jason Parker
Thanks for replying and sorry for late replying from me.

a.PBX is in static IP and yes it is in trust port
b.the phones shows the mac.

No, wifi is not using for IP telephones.
The cable coming to telephone and from there its coming to PC.
Therefore 2 mac address for each port.

I will open a case.

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