ESVT does not run with Size Frame bigger than 1518 bytes

Hello all,

I am using two X770, and I am testing the throughput using the ESVT tool.

For that test, I enable the jumbo frames in both switches, and create the test vlan to test a 40Gb link.

If I run the test with a Size Frame of 64 or 1518, it runs fine, and with no problems.

But, If I increment the size to another value more than 1518 it does not work.

Do you know if this is a limitation of the tool ESVT?

I also increase the ip-mtu size of the vlan to 9194, but with no success.

create vlan test40Gb tag 1040
configure vlan test40Gb add port 1:101 tagged
configure vlan test40Gb ipaddress (and in the other switch)
enable ipforwarding test40Gb

enable jumbo-frame ports all
configure ip-mtu 9194 "test40Gb"

run esvt traffic-test "test40Gb" loopback-port 1:97 peer-switch-ip packet-size 9000 rate 40 Gbps duration 60 seconds

VLAN Status Loopback Duration Tx Rate Tx Frame Tx Total Rx Total
Port (hh🇲🇲ss) (Kbps) Size Frames Frames
test40Gb Completed 1:97 00:01:00 40000000 64 3407020474 3407020474
test40Gb Completed 1:97 00:01:00 40000000 1518 195051038 195051038
test40Gb Error 1:97 00:01:00 40000000 9000 0 0

VLAN Name : test40Gb
Port : 1:101
IP Address :
Status : Error
Duration (hh🇲🇲ss) : 00:01:00
Loopback Port : 1:97
TX rate (Kbps) : 40000000
TX Frame Size (bytes) : 9000
TX Frame : 0
RX Frame : 0
Frames Lost : 0
Error Cause :

Slot-1: Transmit PDU Failed from port 1:97; Reason[Failed to Send packet to loopback port]

Thanks for any suggestions.

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This is a known issue. This should get fixed but it's not currently scoped for any release. https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks...
Ok understood, thanks for the reply.