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G3 Series password reset button not working

  • 7 December 2016
  • 1 reply

I have a G3G124 that locked me out for some reason. The password reset button procedure has been followed but I still cannot get into the admin account.

After the button has been held and released for 5-10 seconds I let the switch site for a minute then tried logging in with admin/ as well as rw/. I get the following message:
<149>Dec 7 10:03:51 USER_MGR[1]: 245 % User:admin failed login from console

The switch is running firmware: # Firmware Revision:

Before I did the password reset initially I was able to get into a read only username I had setup and dump the config.

set system password length 7
set system login admin super-user disable password *hidden*
clear system login ro
clear system login rw
set system login *hidden*super-user disable password *hidden*
set system login *hidden*read-only enable password *hidden*
set system lockout attempts 15
set system lockout time 1[/code]

After the password reset nothing is letting me in. I have also power cycled the switch to no avail.

There is nothing in the RADIUS/TACACS section that would override the default logins.

set tacacs session accounting enable


1 reply

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Hi Victor,

I remember an issue with the SecureStacks and similar switches as your G3, where a locked out admin account would not be re-enabled automatically. I have seen this with a B5 some years ago, the GTAC Knowledge site has an article regarding the D2 (How to recover a D2 when locked out of admin account over time). If I remember correctly, the issue was fixed years ago, you should consider a firmware upgrade.

Workaround was to use the rw account to copy the configuration off the switch, edit it to not include the admin lockout command, copy this edited configuration file to the switch, and reboot with the edited configuration ("configure configs/edited_config").