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How i can check port congestion or buffer on Enterasys Secure Stack

  • 5 April 2018
  • 1 reply

I have a few issues lately with pause frames on my uplinks and im trying to discover where they come from and why? also if the ports indeed are congested so i need to find how to check the congestion or buffer on the switch ports im aware that a lot of people is having the same issue here and there so i want kill it on my environment as im tire of the support people to tell that they cant check the switch issues that appear when they have nothing to do with the pause frames.

1 reply

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Hello Miquel,
Unfortunately there are no commands to check port congestion or buffering with the SecureStacks.
There are a few things ti understand about pauseframes and end stations and clients:
1. The end station or switch will send pauseframes when it being overwhelmed with traffic that it should not see could be:
A. Misconfiguration of a switch or switches.
B. Low end pc's
C. Misconfigured NIC

The biggest thing to look into what ports are sending in the pauseframes and run a sniffer on the port and verify that it should be seeing the traffic and if not then look into the configuration.

I always look to see if the up link ports are either sending or receiving pauseframes and then check the switches that are connected and look at the show port flowcontrol ports and check the TX counters are incrementing.
If you would like help with this issue then please contact the GTAC to open a ticket and i will be glad to assist in isolating your issue.