looking for 10BaseT (Copper) on an enterasys switch

want to purchase a couple of Enterasys switches for a SAN environment and need 10baseT (RJ45), cant see anything in the transceivers document, any ideas

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You mean 10Gbps ports? Try the extreme 670V. They may have a g2 model out.
Jeremy Gibbs wrote:

You mean 10Gbps ports? Try the extreme 670V. They may have a g2 model out.

Thanks Jeremy
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There's no 10Gb copper SFP+ transceiver, the power draw is too high. You have to buy a switch with dedicated 10GBASE-T ports.
Saw these but as they are not officially Enterasys Gbics wont use these, but thanks for the reply
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Unfortunately, it is likely they just plain won't work due to higher power requirements than their fiber-based counterparts.
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They say they are compatible with extreme.
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Copper SFP+ are becoming available, and _should_ work on x670-G2. But, as Drew pointed out, they use higher power than MSA Type-II transceivers. So, that means:

- you can't fully populate a switch with it
- you may have to insert them in a "V" fashion
- you will be limited in distance to ~30m on Cat6a

Now, from the original question, we do have switches with native 10G copper:

- x620 (10 or 16 ports models)
- x670V-48t (48 ports)
- 7100 (24 ports)
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The X440-G2 48-port models also have 2 x 10GBase-T ports in the back. You have to be careful, though, as these switches are meant to be used in the edge...
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Correct. You can also add the x460-G2 that can receive a 2-port 10GBase-T VIM on the rear.