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Looking for a primer on SNMP Configuration - mostly HW faults

  • 8 March 2017
  • 4 replies

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Hi all,

I have a couple of brand new x-460's, and being new to Extreme, I was looking for a SNMP configuration guide. The main things I want to monitor are PS failures, or fan failures.

I can certainly sleep a lot better with redundant power supplies now! However, I still need to be notified if one goes out.

We use Solarwinds NCM for configuration backups, so I was hoping to send traps to that if possible.

Many thanks,

4 replies

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Hi Bruce,

see How to add a trap receiver on how to send SNMP traps from EXOS devices.

@Bruce Garlock Hi Bruce, I'm looking for something similar and was wondering if you ever came across a good list of OIDs or anything for these basic HW failure traps etc.
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Hi @tdj7397 - I ended up downloading this script for Nagios, and pulled apart the Extreme related OID's. This allowed me to integrate with our Nagios install and I double checked our dual-power supply Extreme switches by pulling the power on one PS, and got the needed alerts.


There's info for other vendors in that script as well, which also turned out to be very useful for us.