• 11 May 2016
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Hi Guys,

I recently replaced a faulty B5 Switch which was manager in a stack of 3 switches, I turned off all the switches before taking out the old one. I configured an installed the new switch using a backup file of the previous switch.

Now after installing the switch, only the manager switch is able to access my network and the internet. Computers connected to the manager switch have access but those connected to stack members 2& 3 do not have access to the network.

Client PCs are unable to receive IP addresses from these switches though they are operational and have the green LED light on the ports connected.

When i use "show switch" "show member " commands i am able to see information on the all the switches with no error reported.

There is a SFP Uplink to switch 1 and 3 for Internet but the SFP port 48 on switch 3 does not light up.

3 replies

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Hi eberrick,

Firstly the following article gives a checklist of process to remember when replacing a stack unit and it does depend on whether the unit being replaced was master unit or not but may help you check for issues that were overlooked.

was the replacement unit identical to the old one ? If not you may need to address the config mismatch using :

From "show switch" i would check that the Management status is Mgmt for the replaced unit and the others are stack member , preconfig model id matches the Plugged in Model id , switch status is ok for all and code versions all match.

Also check "show switch stack-ports" to make sure there are no errors on the stacking ports.

Check "show switch status" to make sure the status is FULL and the admin state ENABLE.

If this all looks ok and stack integrity looks fine then i would check manually that the config actually on there is the same as the old one. Maybe there is something missing.

Assuming your uplinks are a lag i would check the lag status and stp status for issues.

If you have further issues it may be worth opening a case with us.

Hope this helps

Thanks a lot Gly for your comment, I found out the problem was in the Configuration, Apparently the other member switches had defaulted the ports to the default VLAN hence the reason why those switches couldn't communicate with the network. I put the ports back on the correct VLAN and network connectivity was restored.
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That's great. I am glad you are sorted.

Best Regards