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optone SFPs compatibility

  • 30 July 2018
  • 4 replies

Please, someone can say me if the Optone's SFPs are compatible with Summit series switches?
Thanks a lot.

4 replies

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I cant speak to that specific brand. However, i can say i have used a lot of optics, and have not seen any not work... Way old hp, new aruba, finstar, veloso, dell, cisco, linksys, dlink, i just dont get alot of issues with optics and the extreme. I would wager a bet that they would work.
Thank you David.
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I have just today run across some optone optics running in a customer site. They do run in extreme switches They were using ten gig optone optics.
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Generally, third party optics should work in Extreme switches, assuming the optics follow the relevant standards.

However, only Extreme optics have been tested and certified to work. Any issues related to the third party optics would be unsupported. Further information on Extreme's third party optics policy is available here:

Details on supported optics for the Summits are available here: