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Proper way to link switches X440

  • 27 April 2017
  • 5 replies

I am new to Extreme switches and I have a lab setup. I am using X440-24ps. How do I connect

Switch 1 SFP1 to Switch 2 SFP 1
Switch 1 SFP2 to Switch 3 SFP 1
Switch 1 SFP3 to Switch 4 SFP 1
Switch 1 SFP4 to Switch 4 SFP 1

Switch 1 SFP 1 thru 4 are ports 21-24 respectively
Switch 2 SFP 1 are port 24

Physically connecting seems to create issues of lost connectivity so I think I am missing something in the configuration portion.

5 replies

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No specific configuration required.

1. Could you please let me know what type of SFP's are used on all these switches?
2. What is the switch model and EXOS version running?
3. Collect the output for "debug hal show optic-info"?
4. What is the port and LED status on all switches?

For e.g: On Switch-1 use the command "show ports 21-24 no-refresh" and "show ports 21-24 configuration no-refresh" to check the status of port, etc..

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Example output from Lab:

X440-24p.3 # debug hal show optic-info
Port 21
Signal: present
TX Fault: no
SFP/SFP+ Part Number: FTLF6529P2BCL-EX
SFP/SFP+ Serial Number: PGK3F19
SFP/SFP+ Manufacture Date: 091107
Connector: LC
GE Compliance: 1000BASE-SX
Wavelength: 850

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Based on the description you have 2 links going from Switch 1 to switch 4. You need to ceeate link aggregation or block one of those links to not create loop.

"Switch 1 SFP4 to Switch 4 SFP 1" should read "Switch 1 SFP4 to Switch 5 SFP 1"

Should this config work straight out of the box? Anything I need to add or recommendations?

Also, does anyone know if there is a model of SFP that is Multi Mode Bi-Directional? I would like to free up strands. I know it is available in Single Mode but was hoping for MM.

Thank You.
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Hello Peter,

Yes, that should work straight out of the box. Can you elaborate on lose connectivity? Are you losing connectivity to the switches or are end users having issues?