Restoring Backuped Configs to EOS based B5 Switch using. TFTP

  • 19 May 2016
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Hi Guys, I am having a challenge restoring backed up Configs of some of my B5 Switches saved with netsight. My challenge here is there is no communication between those switches and netsight to restore from netsight. Those switches were faulty and have been replaced . So I have to directly restore the config files . I put my laptop in the same up address range of the management switch, connected it to one of the Ethernet ports , put the config files in the tftp server directory on the laptop. I used the following command in the CLI : "Copy tftp:// slot1/vlan" "But it returns cannot open file. " I believe it should be the same principle with uploading firmware. I never encounter issues with that. But restoring saved config files seem different. I am new to EOS and EXOS based switches so pardon me if this sounds like a basic question. Your comments will be very much appreciated. Thank you .

3 replies

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the B5 is not a chassis = you can not refer to the slot1. use configs instead.

if you use SNMPv3 you can face following issue later:

good luck.


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this should help you:
this should help you:
Thank you Pala, it worked perfectly.