Routing GRE tunnels on single VLAN to separate VLAN's

  • 15 April 2016
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We're trying to do traffic separation from a server to an X670 to another switch. The server can only use a single VLAN tag, so between it and the X670 we're using GRE tunnels for each traffic type within that single VLAN, and terminating the GRE tunnel on the X670 through the use of multiple secondary IP's assigned to that VLAN. We have this up and working.

Between the X670 and the other switch we want to use different VLAN's for the traffic separation via a single trunked link. So whats the best way of doing this?. Do I just create multiple VLAN's (one per traffic type), assign an IP to each one, and route traffic to that IP address as the next hop, and then add each VLAN to the trunk link?

4 replies

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What about using an ACL to match the particular traffic and adding a VLAN ID based on that, similar to the process in this article:
Its an X670. So latest EXOS I can see for it is 15.6. That feature seems to only exist in 16.1 unless I'm missing something?.
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EXOS 16.x is supported on the X670, but you'll need a support agreement in order to download it. If you have a support agreement and still don't see it, you may want to call GTAC.
Ok.. I didn't realize. Looks like I need to call GTAC. Thank you.