Sharing some info... EOS to EXOS Quick Reference Guide

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Hi guys,

I'm an old-school and came from the old-"Red" side, and migrating to from EOS to EXOS can be somewhat painful until you got used with the new environment (some concepts and sintaxes are quite different from the EOS)...

Maybe the EOS-guys, just like me and many of my customers, can find my "CLI-Warrior" Quick Reference Guide useful in this journey... I think it could be useful to the EXOS-guys needing to deal with the EOS gear...

This is not an complete and ultimate guide, but I hope it can be helpful. Many configurations can be done easily using EMC, but not everyone have EMC and/or are (like me) CLI lovers =)

Please, forgive any typos or mistakes, but this is a v1.0... All contributions are welcome!

Best regards,


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This is very cool, Leonardo. Thanks for sharing it!

Larry Kunz
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Hello Leonardo,
This is very nice document. Thank you so much.

Best regards,
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Hello guys,

I'm happy and proud of this little piece of contribution...

Please, if you think it's useful, fell free to share it... I've already sent to my engineering and support teams, and they are sharing with our customer (mostly EOS customers)...

If needed, I can share the .docx with you.

Thanks for all your kind words and support!

Best regards,

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Hi Leonardo

thanks a lot for sharing this usefull document.

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hy Leonardo,
thank you very much for your effort you put in this documentation!
we are also migrating from EOS to EXOS at the moment.
i was going through 1500 pages config guide ;-)
your document is very straight forward.

my most used EOS command is not in your document
show vlan port info
in EXOS it is
show ports vid (need certain version of EXOS)

Something that was not working in EOS is SSH2 public key authentication
this is very usefull if you already using it for other devices (no password for login in switches)

here are my exos commands:

create account admin user1 encrypted "PASSWORD1encrypted"
create account admin user2 encrypted "PASSWORD2encrypted"
enable ssh2 vr VR-Default

create sshd2 user-key user1 AAAAUser1KeyWithoutAnySpacesOrCRLF
create sshd2 user-key user2 AAAAUser2KeyWithoutAnySpacesOrCRLF

configure sshd2 user-key user1 add user user1
configure sshd2 user-key user2 add user user2
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Thanks a lot for sharing!