Solarwinds NPM 12

  • 6 June 2016
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Solarwinds is releasing a trial of NPM 12 this wednesday, and I've been asked to test it out, and maybe write a little review. Using the exos VM, can I test out things sFlow and IPFIX, in addition to SNMP? Just idly curious, since I'd like to build a neat little DC topology in GNS3, or something a little cooler, like I've seen listed in the Extreme documentation. Thanks in advance! 😃

3 replies

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Andrew, I don't see why these wouldn't work. I have tested SNMP and it does work. Let us know how your testing went.
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Hi Andrew,
Sorry for the late response on this. Regarding EXOS VM, anything that requires an actual packet processor won't work. So, sflow and IPFIX aren't going to be available. SNMP will work, but depending on what OID you're polling, the numbers may not be accurate (because of the lack of actual hardware). In many cases, these things are configurable, but don't actually work.
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Andrew we have a lot of Extreme gear already on Solarwinds and will be upgrading to NPM 12 .... let us know if there is anything particular you are looking to confirm or test... Looking forward to seeing what changes they have made