some switch is use battery?


Would you please tell me about some switches.

A/B/C-series, SSA, G3, 800-series, NSA(2G4072-52), 7100series
Whether these switches are have a battery inside?


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Someone to me please answer.

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I believe all of the legacy Enterasys switches have batteries for their NVRAMs. They are not considered field replaceable however. I've never had one fail and some of our gear is over 17 years old!
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I understood it.

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does SSA have a battery inside? who can comfrm ?
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An-Tin Liu wrote:

does SSA have a battery inside? who can comfrm ?

Yes all S-series have batteries.
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I don't believe that the 800 series has a battery. See article: Date and time is not maintained after rebooting of the 800-Series switch