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switch routing and vlan

Hello everyone I have two Network Switches (AT) and one firewall (Sonicwall Tz600). i have configured 10 different vlans on the both switches. assign ip on vlans. now my question is if i configure vlan same ip on both switch like vlan20 ip same on the other? i configured and i am able to ping but want to ask as confusion. second i configured trunk between switches and LACP Trunk means 2 ports lacp trunk on both switches. what is the best practice.? also if i want internet on client with switch gatway.

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Hi Umair

Just to clarify. Are you assigning the same IP address ie on 2 different switches? If yes, you'd need to change that. Use one switch as routing mechanism with the other as only a layer 2 extension. Are you attempting to build a redundant topology? If yes, consider MSTP. Do the switches support VRRP?

Looking at the LACP trunks. What specific switch model are you using?

As for the routing. You'll have routing interface configured on the switch. Ie


and so on

You can then create a final VLAN=Internet and configure a port as access (untagged) that will connect to your firewall. Let's say the firewall's IP address is Configure a routing interface on the switch as as the default next-hop needs to be in the same subnet.

You'll next configure a default route as follows: to match all outbound traffic.

On the firewall you'd need reverse route to each of the internal subnets. The next hop from the firewall's perspective would the routing interface in the internet VLAN.

And so on.

Hope this helps. Please send me answer to questions above and I'll provide more detailed configuration.