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WEBINAR: The Impact of Video Cameras in Education: Improving Safety and Learning

  • 29 August 2017
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A recent survey of over 800 educators and IT managers from schools and colleges worldwide found there is increasing support of video camera use in education. More than 70 percent of respondents believe that video cameras should be used in the classroom, and 41 percent are aware of specific situations where video surveillance prevented or solved a problem. States like Texas are requiring video cameras in special education classes.

See how two school districts are coping with video camera requirements and finding innovative ways to add video cameras to their school networks. To learn more about how cameras can be used at your school, join us for an informative one-hour webinar. We will cover:

  • Innovative uses of video to improve safety and learning
  • Best practices installing video cameras on your school’s Wi-Fi network
  • New approaches to combining video capture with Wi-Fi networking
  • Networking requirements and best practices for implementing video surveillance
Register now for this webinar on Wednesday, September 13th at 2pm ET.

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