what is snmp trap mode enhance?

  • 3 March 2016
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Hi Community,
I have 18 snmp traps configured on Extreme x460-48t ( but the switch is sending only 15 traps.
e.g. I made one port down, the show management reported that 15 traps have been sent, similarly when the port came up, the snmp trap sent count increased to 30 (addition of 15 again).

While checking the IP of trap-receivers, i noticed that 3 of them are with flags 2ET (2 means v2c, E means mode enhance and T means trap). Remaining 15 are with 2ST.

so now, I strongly believe that these are the 3 trap receiver IPs whom switch did not send traps.

1) Please guide me what exactly the trap mode enhance is?
2) What is the difference between standard and enhance mode?
3) Do we need to change anything in switch configuration so that the switch can start sending the traps to the receivers configured with enhance mode.
4) Is there any limitation that traps will be sent to first 15 receivers only which are configured first?

Many Thanks

2 replies

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Could you paste complete "show management" output? I would also curious to know the reason to have these many trap receivers.
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Harkanwal, Did you ever get a satisfactory answer to your question? The difference is about variable bindings being included in the message or not.

Enhanced—Contains extra varbinds at the end
Standard—Does not contain extra varbinds