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X450e-48p Licensing

  • 9 November 2016
  • 7 replies

How do you enable core license on the X450e-48p ; I had thought that this requires the part number 16170 , but apparently it does not work. There is no other part number given exclusively for 450e , so what is the procedure for upgrading , or is this not possible at all.

7 replies

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Hi Naeem,
The X450e series doesn't support a core license upgrade. It only supports up to Advanced Edge.
Since you have the X450e-48p, 16149 or 16171 will be what you need.
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I don't think the X450e can use a core license at all. It is the edge model, as opposed to the X450a, that supports a core license.

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16170 is for the very first X450 and X450a. As Drew already mentioned the X450e can not be upgraded to core license. Only advanced egde. But the switch and all the licenses are End of Sale since July 2013 anyway. So I am sorry, but there is no way of upgrading the box anymore.
Ok thanks ... just an observation , to call a license x450 series and then not cover a certain X450 is a bit misleading .
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Here is what the price list says:
16170 Summit X450 CORE LICENSE
ExtremeXOS Core License for Summit X450-24x, Summit X450-24t, Summit X450a-24t/24tDC, Summit X450a-48t/48tDC and Summit X450a-24x/24xDC

Seems just a bit odd that one switch would be excluded , but its my bad !! ; I know 😞

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The X450e was designed as an edge device. So it did not have the hardware capabilities of the X450a. But therefore it was much cheaper.