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XOS 16.1.2 - How to disable the NTP restrict-list?

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I have successfully enabled a x460-g2 switch as NTP server, and clients can receive time from them.

BUT: It appears that only clients from directly connected VLANs are allowed by the NTP service, for all others I have to add an entry via:
configure ntp restrict-list add allow[/code]I can list the active restrict-list:

# show ntp restrict-list
IP Address Mask Count Type Action
=========================================================== 128 System Deny 0 System Permit 0 System Permit 1875 System Permit 0 System Permit

The question is: How can disable the use of this ACL, aka: how can I change the implicit entry ( to Permit? I found no way so far....

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I think adding a allow will make it allow all ntp requests.
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I had tried that, doesn't work:

* Summit-PC.3 # configure ntp restrict-list add permit
Error: NTP restrict network address or mask is invalid.

I can add (netmask, but that still doesn't cover Which I cannot add either...