802.1x Authentication Problem

Hi,I have Enterasys B5 Switch. My switch configures 802.1x authentication as Extreme Networks video(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8lMAMqLYmk)
I connect my computer on switch port. My computer has an access to network without authentication. UPlink port is on the ge.1.24.
What is the mistake here?

Enterasys B5G124-24

Find the configuration file here.

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Remove the command lines "set eapol auth-mode forced-auth ge.x.x" and "multiauth port mode force-auth" from the access-ports and leave it only on the uplink port. Change "auth-mode" to "auth-reqd and try again.

Enable radius "set radius enable".

My configuration is and working:

set dot1x enableset eapol enable
set eapol auth-mode forced-auth ge.1.48 [u]

set policy maptable response both

set vlanauthorization enable

set radius enableset radius server 1 1812 realm network-access

I hope success.