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NetSight Alerts for APs, deliver AP name instead of SN...

I have Netsight configured to alert me if a AP goes offline. This is a typical email:


Severity: Critical

Message: AP[13140661595A0000] out of Service on EWC[]

Netsight relays the info the HWC delivers to it via syslog (i think) The AP is identified by SN. SN is useless to me unless I x-reference though the controller. Can the alert be changed to identify AP by name instead of SN?

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Netsight can be configured to report the AP names in certain traps, alarms, syslogging, etc..

There is an Alarms Manager section (Console --> Tools -- > Alarms Manager ) and you can go to a specific alarm and select "Actions" and override the content.

For the trap and syslog section you can enter in $alarmSource, $alarmSourceName or $deviceNickName.
Thanks Doug. $AlarmSourceName was exactly what I was looking for.
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Is there a reference where to find all possible variables?
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In Alarm Manager > Actions > Overwrite Content > Edit Content > Show Keyword...

That will open the browser with the Online Help with all the varaibles.
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