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Automation drives Network-Access-Control and OneFabric Connect

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We are with Enterasys (sorry, now Extreme) since a long time and now after a lot of exciting customer installations we are coming close to the bottom of functionality of all the used solutions (NetSight, NAC, API, WLAN, SIEM, HW). Talking a lot with our customers about their needs, the solution and the future of that moved our view away from all the technology and all the brilliant features inside the Enterasys Eco-System to the processes connected behind this. Beside SECURITY, VISIBILITY and CONTROL the wide range of possibilities for AUTOMATION in the IT-Infrastructure comes up and makes NAC to a central instrument to help customers to be more efficient, flexible and innovative. AUTOMATION for us is the new key point for decisions a customer requires when thinking about Network-Access-Control. At this point we are looking for ideas behind our experience how AUTOMATION can help the customers manage their IT-Infrastructure more smooth and efficient. Actually we have this major points: - Data-Center + Provisioning of new virtual servers with workflow managed by different departments + Automatic configuration of the global environment based on information from external sources DBs, directories, etc.) + Triggering of changes/moves VMs/VDIs based on extended network information - Access-Control + Automatic client registration triggered by directory information + Collecting client information behind assessment agent capabilities + MDM, CMDB, IPAM integration + Adding resources to endpoint based on physical location of the endpoint (printers, file servers, etc.) + Adding functions into assessment agent to use special/individual code - Management + Providing different Workflows for HW changes via external service providers (printers, computers, extensions, etc.) + Automatic configuration of new infrastructure components (switch, AP, etc) + Automatic recognition of new infrastructure components (switch, AP, etc) and provisioning the IT-Infrastructure for their needs (VLAN tagging, LACP, etc.) Let´s discuss our and your ideas !

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Thank you for such a well thought out and comprehensive post Volker! It would be great if others within the community could highlight some of the ideas they have to improve NAC and automation. I am going to see if folks from our Product Management group will also chime in on roadmap items that may fit into your requests.
Hi Volker great post! You are right on spot with a lot of ideas that we had in mind when we architected OneFabric Connect and brought it to life. In term of automation and orchestration you covered a lot already. Custom self service portals is something i see as well to push the workload away from the operational teams and offer new services but this is also covered in your IPAM CMDB, workflows ideas somehow i think But we have also in mind that we also start to provide more configuration, topology and traffic manipulation, inventory and reporting capabilities within the API. Looking forward to more input on those topics from the community Regards Markus