C3 continous rebooting when loading the operational code.

Good Morning: I start a conversation due to failure one of our switch. I enclose the log details for your further analisys. 1) Switch C3G124-24 2) Firmware Version 01.00.46 07-28-2008 3) Sympton: Rebooting endless while loading operational code. 4) Log details: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Enterasys C3-Series Boot Code... SDRAM Circuit Test of 255MB 100% Version 01.00.46 07-28-2008 Computing MD5 Checksum of operational code... Select an option. If no selection in 2 seconds then operational code will start. 1 - Start operational code. 2 - Start Boot Menu. Select (1, 2): Operational Code Date: Fri Sep 5 21:39:28 2008 Uncompressing..... 50% 100% |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Attaching interface lo0...done Adding 62572 symbols for standalone. Enterasys C3-Series Boot Code... SDRAM Circuit Test of 255MB 100% -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5) New firmawre added: 6) VPD - release major 6 minor 61 maint 11 build 6 alpha - Timestamp - Mon Nov 25 18:59:39 2013 File - c3-series_06.61.11.0006 7) Log Details: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Operational Code Date: Mon Nov 25 18:59:39 2013 Uncompressing..... 50% 100% |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Adding 74154 symbols for standalone. Instantiating /ramDrv:0 as rawFs, device = 0x30001 Instantiating /snapDrv:0 as rawFs, device = 0x40001 Adding BCM transport pointers Configuring CPUTRANS TX Configuring CPUTRANS RX ERROR: from bcm_rpc_start: Out of memory Last switch reset caused by broad_hpc_stack(784): Error code 0xFFFFFFFD, after 4 seconds ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Hi, Alberto.

Hardware failure is a likely possibility here.
Please open a case with the GTAC for assistance with this.

Thank you.
Ok. Thanks. I am trying to open a case GTAC, but it is off line. As I beleive, C3 switch customers has lifetime warranty. Here in my company we have hardware and software skills, only need a little help for fixing the switch. Albert
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I have just tested the link to be working, and on the resulting page it has an Open Technical Support case option.

Fast-forwarding past this secondary issue, please email your contact and company information to me at, and I'll get a case opened for you.

Thank you.